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Cloud Song | Troubleshooting
Cloud Song | Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting the most common issues with Cloud Song tracks and charts.

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Cloud Song Upload Process Troubleshooting

For information around the track upload process, see HOW TO | Upload Cloud Song Tracks. See below information for troubleshooting steps to resolve common issues.

My files won't upload

Upload issues can usually be a result of an incorrectly compressed folder, or can sometimes be related to the files that are being uploaded. The issue could also be related to the browser window and tab. If the tracks are uploading fine but aren't processing, continue to "My files won't process" below.

  • Possible Fixes:

    • Keep the browser window and browser tab open and active during the upload.

    • Ensure your tracks meet the Upload Requirements.

My files won't process

If your file uploads without issue, but then fails to process, there is usually a few things that could be happening here. Most often the tracks in the zip file do not meet the upload requirements. Common issues are:

  • An empty audio track is detected. (Website error will read Error: Dead Track Detected).

    • Fix: Find and remove all stems in the zip file that have no audio in them.

  • The uploaded files are in 24 bit and/or 48kHz sample rate, and are larger than the processor supports.

    • Fix: Convert all stems to 16 bit and 44.1kHz and re-upload.

  • The files in the zip are not all the same file type, or they are an unsupported file type.

    • Fix: Confirm all audio files are the same file type, and are either Wav, Mp3, or M4a.

If encountering persistent upload trouble, please reach out to our support team using the website chat in the bottom right corner of the website, or by email at

Cloud Song Playback Troubleshooting

Certain behavior can be difficult to understand when it comes to cloud songs in Playback. Below is a list of common points of confusion or trouble when working with cloud songs in Playback, with steps to resolve.

Track and Bus Routing Issues

If attempting to utilize the "Name your track" stem name for multiple stems in your cloud song, routing issues may arise in Playback. Smart routing in Playback will only work if cloud song stems are labelled using a stem name from the drop-down list on the "Tracks" tab of the Cloud song in the library on

All stems labelled with a custom name will be designated as a single "Name your track" track in Playback's Smart track routing; that can only be routed to a single bus via Smart Routing in Playback. (Learn More)

Song Section Stopping

If your cloud song is stopping during Playback at the same point, or same particular points every time, the timecode for that song section is not accurate and falling on a down beat. This will generally only happen when building song sections from the website.
Timecode should be accurate to the millisecond and in this format 00:00:000 (Minutes : Seconds : Milliseconds). To avoid this issue, we recommend the much more efficient method of building song sections directly in Playback.

  • Fixes:

    • Fix directly in Playback (Recommend):

      • In Playback, simply open up Cloud Song Section Edit Mode in the edit menu

      • Delete the affected song section marker that's not playing.

      • Recreate the cloud song section by adding it back in.

      • Save the changes to the cloud when exiting edit mode.

    • Fix on the webiste

      • Edit the timecode song section marker for the affected song section to the correct timecode that's accurate to the millisecond and in the format: 00:00:000 (Minutes : Seconds : Milliseconds).

Missing or Incorrect Guide Cues

For general guide information see the article HOW TO | Cloud Song Guide Cues

There are a few guide issues that might arise when utilizing cloud songs. The most often being there isn't a guide present. If your song is missing a guide track/stem, you'll need to make sure you have a track uploaded with your stems that is labelled as a guide.

  • Guide (Dynamic) Recommended is the setting you want to choose if you want to build song sections, and have the guide track dynamically change with any song sections you move around!

  • Guide (Non-Dynamic) is the setting you want to choose if you want Playback to play the vocal audio guide you uploaded. Using this setting, the audio guide will not change dynamically with any song sections you change or edit so the guide could call out incorrect song sections if you change the arrangement of your cloud song.

Click Track problems

For general Cloud song Click information see: HOW TO | Cloud Song Click Tracks.

Click doesn't line up with the stems

If the Playback click does not line up with the stems in the cloud song, this is usually an indication of one of four possible errors:

  1. The designated tempo for the cloud song in the website is incorrect

    Fix: Adjust the tempo to match the tempo of the stems.

  2. The audio file stems bring uploaded are not lined up to a grid.

    Fix: Import the zip file stems into a DAW, line them up to the grid at the meter and tempo for the song, and re-export the stems from a DAW and ensure no silence or space is being added or subtracted during export.

  3. The audio files include tempo variation.
    Fix: ensure all tempo changes are input on the website correctly, following the rules for gradual or instant tempo changes.
    See more in the article Cloud Song Tempo Changes.

  4. MP3 files have been converted incorrectly.
    Fix: Try exporting the files from a DAW to WAV or M4A files instead of MP3. (Exporting as MP3 files can sometimes cause milliseconds of extra space at the very beginning of the audio files.

Click gradually slowing down/speeding up

If the click track is gradually slowing down or speeding up for your cloud song, this is an indication of incorrect tempo change points that have been put in on the website.
Fix: Revisit the tempo changes and make sure any intended instant-tempo changes have an extra tempo change point right before them in the original tempo. More info can be found in the Cloud Song Tempo Changes article.

Uploaded Click not working

If intending to use the click audio file that's uploaded to the cloud over the Playback built-in click, simply change the global "Click Sound" setting in the "General" tab of the Playback app settings. More information can be found in HOW TO | Cloud Song Click Tracks.

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