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HOW TO | Cloud Song Guide Cues
HOW TO | Cloud Song Guide Cues

Learn the different methods of adding and using a vocal guide track for your cloud songs.

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Before getting started:

  1. In order to have a guide track in the Playback app, an audio track must be uploaded in the zip files that’s designated as a “Guide” track. Don’t have a guide track to upload with your stems? Check out this workaround later in this article

  2. “Dynamic” and “Non-Dynamic” designation is very important for the Guide stem that’s uploaded.

    1. Guide (Dynamic) Recommended is the setting you want to choose if you want to build song sections, and have the guide track dynamically change with any song sections you move around!

    2. Guide (Non-Dynamic) is the setting you want to choose if you want Playback to play the vocal audio guide you uploaded. Using this setting, the audio guide will not change dynamically with any song sections you change or edit so the guide could call out incorrect song sections if you change the arrangement of your cloud song.

Best way to get a Guide track in Playback

Whether uploading a pre-made audio guide track, or building one from scratch, the best way to get a guide in the Playback app is designating the Guide Stem as “Guide (Dynamic)” and building song sections directly within the Playback app.

No Guide track workaround

If you don’t have a Guide track to upload with your stems, simply duplicate any audio track and rename it to “guide” before uploading to find it easier after the upload. Then, after uploading, within the stems on the Multitracks website, designate the duplicated stem as Guide (Dynamic). This will tell the Playback app that you want a guide to be created based on song sections you create on the Playback app.

Building Song Sections in the Playback app

To build song sections in the Playback app follow these simple steps:

With the cloud song highlighted/selected, tap/click the “Edit” menu and choose “Cloud Song Sections.” (Image below) Then use the controls in the top left to build out the song sections on the timeline. You can see the full guide here.

Uploading and using a pre-made audio guide track

When using a pre-made guide track, and not building song sections, you can simply label the guide stem on the Multitracks website Guide (Non-Dynamic). This will play the audio that’s within the uploaded Guide track. This guide won’t be dynamic, meaning if you build song sections and move song sections around, the guide track will not follow those changes and may call-out incorrect song sections when making alternate arrangements.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Why can’t I hear my guide track in Playback?

  • If your Guide stem is labeled Guide (Dynamic) from the drop-down menu on the Multitracks website, make sure that you have song sections built in the Playback app. If there are no song sections, there will be no dynamic guide cues.

  • If your guide stem is labelled Guide (Non-dynamic) from the drop-down menu on the Multitracks website, make sure that you’ve uploaded an audio track with accurate guide cues, and make sure the audio is routed correctly in the Playback app “Tracks” and “Busses” menus.

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