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HOW TO | Tap Tempo in Playback

How to utilize TAP TEMPO in the Playback app on MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS.

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New in Playback v7.7.0 is TAP TEMPO. Now, you can tap a tempo to start your click and/or tracks in whatever tempo you’d like in the Playback app!

Before Getting Started

Tap Tempo requires a Playback Premium seat in order for a user to access.

Tap Tempo Functions

Tap tempo is currently functional on Click and Pad song tiles, or songs that have only the Click and Guide loaded in the setlist. Tap tempo is not enabled or functional on songs with loaded audio stems.

With an eligible song tile highlighted in Playback, simply tap, or click in the top-left corner or press your mapped keyboard key (T) or MIDI control to initiative the tempo (more info on Mapping Tap Tempo). The current time signature selected will determine the number of taps before the click will punch in. For example, if the selected click and guide song or click and pad is set as 4/4, tapping 4 times will both set the tempo, and initiate Playback. Tapping 3 times will set and start for songs in 3/4, and so on.


When finished tapping in a tempo, the playhead will always reset back to the beginning of the selected click and pad. If the count off is not desired, optionally remove the count off song section for the click and pad or simply mute the guide for that click and pad song tile.

Mapping Tap Tempo

⌨️ Keyboard mapping

Note: Tap tempo is mapped to the “T” key in Playback by default.

To change the mapping, enter Keyboard mapping by selecting and holding the “Edit” button and then selecting “Keyboard mapping.”
Only possible on MacOS and iPadOS with a connected Keyboard.

Then select the “Tap tempo icon to highlight, and press the key you’d like map to the tap tempo functions.

🎛️ MIDI Mapping

To MIDI map a control to Tap tempo, first head into MIDI mapping mode by selecting and holding the “Edit” button toward the top right of the Playback interface, and select” MIDI Mapping. Then select the Tap Tempo icon on the top-left of the Playback, and press the preferred MIDI control to map the control.

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