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HOW TO | Setup TouchOSC to control Playback (MIDI)
HOW TO | Setup TouchOSC to control Playback (MIDI)

How to use the TouchOSC app from HEXLER to control Playback wirelessly over a network.

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Before getting started, here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 Playback Premium Seat

  • Playback app running on MacOS 11.1 or newer.

  • TouchOSC app from HEXLER (Apple App Store)
    Note: Mk 1 and the newer app will both work

    Note: this setup does not utilize the TouchOSC bridge from HEXLER.

Setting up the MIDI Connection via Audio MIDI Setup

  1. Open the app Audio MIDI Setup on the Mac running Playback.

  2. With the Audio MIDI Setup app open, click cmd + 2, or “Window” > Show MIDI Studio (As shown below).

  3. Follow these steps to create a network session (following the screenshot below):

    1. Step 1: Click the “Configure Network Driver” globe in the top-right corner of the MIDI Studio window.

    2. Step 2: In the MIDI Network Setup window, click the “+” button to add a session in “My Sessions.”
      (Optional: re-name the session to something easily recognizable. Here we’ve name it MIDI Automation).

    3. Step 3: Highlight the session in the “My Sessions” window you’ve just created and click the check box to confirm that the network session is enabled.

    4. Step 4 and 5: Next, we’ll need to connect the devices from the Directory by highlighting the device, and selecting “Connect.”
      Note: If you do not see your device listed, make sure it’s connected to the same internet network, or (optionally) hard wired together with an ethernet cable.

  4. Once connected, your device should be listed in the “Participants.”

    And then you’re finished and ready map controls Playback!

Setting up the TouchOSC App

In the TouchOSC app, select the Link icon toward the top right of the toolbar.

Then select “MIDI” from the left menu, and select “Browse” next to “Connection 1."

Select “Network Session” to route the TouchOSC app via MIDI to the network session on the receiving Mac. Click “Done” and you’re ready to start mapping Playback controls.

Mapping Touch OSC to Playback controls

Next, all you need to do is enabled MIDI Mapping from Playback in the edit menu > Tap and hold the “Edit” button, > Select “MIDI Mapping” from the menu, and then tap a parameter or control to highlight it and map it to the touch OSC control of your choice.

For further info on MIDI Mapping see: HOW TO | MIDI Mapping in Playback

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