Getting Started

Discover the tools and subscriptions available from

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2 authors16 articles Licensing

Info and frequently asked questions on the brand new Church Streaming License from

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Set Up Your Organization

How to setup your organization to get the most out of the ecosystem.

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Setlist Management

Building setlists in the Ecosystem and sharing with your team

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Planning Center Services Integration

Information and guides on all of our integrations with Planning Center

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Playback: Dynamic Tracks App

How to use the iOS/Mac tracks app Playback during live performance.

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ChartBuilder: iOS/Android Chart App

How to use the dynamic charts app ChartBuilder for practice and performance.

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Playback Rentals

Getting started and info around the Playback Rental subscription from

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A tool for worship teams to learn and prepare songs from anywhere.

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Cloud Pro

Information on Cloud song tracks, charts, and Cloud Pro features.

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ProPresenter Templates & Integration

How to use ProPresenter lyrics templates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Find the most common answers here.

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Sounds: Guitar Profiles

Kemper profiles and HX Stomp profiles.

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Sounds: StageReady, Song Specific Patches, and Plugins

Articles about StageReady for MainStage and Ableton, Song Specific Patches, and patches.

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Sounds: Drum Samples

Learn how to use Drum Samples products from

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Sounds: Ambient Pads and Soundbeds

Articles covering Ambient Pads and Soundbeds from

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