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Welcome to StageReady for MainStageInstallation and Top Tips
StageReady: Install StageReadyLearn how to install StageReady
StageReady: MainStage Introduction
StageReady: Template IntroductionTake a look at the basic layout of StageReady
StageReady: Expansion PacksExpand Your Creative Potential
StageReady: Setup Your NanoKontrol2 and TouchOSCLearn how to setup your Korg NanoKontrol or TouchOSC to control StageReady
StageReady: Startup PresetsIndividual sounds which can be combined to create complex layered patches
StageReady: Layered PatchesPatches containing multiple presets which are combined to create a big sound
StageReady: Create Your Own Layered PatchLearn how to combine Startup Presets to create your own Layered Patch
StageReady: Change the Key of Your PatchLearn how to set the key of your patch
StageReady: Change the Tempo of Your PatchLearn how to set the tempo for your patch
StageReady: Ambient Pad PlayerLearn how to trigger an automatic pad and adjust the way it sounds
StageReady: Save and Load PatchesLearn how to export your custom patches and organise them ready to be imported again in the future
StageReady: How to Set Up Your MIDI KeyboardLearn how to connect and map your MIDI keyboard to the template
StageReady: MainStage Sound Library DownloadLearn how to download the full MainStage Sound Library
StageReady: User PianoLearn how to setup your favourite third-party pianos inside the template
MainStage: How to Setup Your MIDI KeyboardLearn how to connect your MIDI keyboard and configure MainStage to listen to it
How to Install and Load Patches in StageReadyInstall and access your new patches from within StageReady