StageReady: Template Introduction

Take a look at the basic layout of StageReady

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Let's take an overview look at StageReady and break it down into 5 sections.

Setlist and Transposer

The setlist gives you another view of the patch list found to the left of your screen in Edit Mode. If you're in Perform Mode, the Setlist Viewer will allow you to see which patch you have selected, and which ones are upcoming. The Transposer section allows you to change the key of the patch you have selected, so you could even choose to play in one key whilst hearing in another. Find out more later in the guides.

Ambient Pad Player

This section is dedicated to crafting the sound of your ambient pad. Trigger the pad using the Drone On function, and use the controls in this section to create the exact sound you're looking for.

Progress Bar

Our Song Specific Patches make your keys parts sound just like the original recording. When you drag one of these patches into StageReady, the Progress Bar displays the song sections. As you progress through a song using the mod wheel, the template will load the appropriate sound for the section. Use the Progress Bar to track where you are.


StageReady is designed so you can create and play larger-than-life keys sounds easily. The mixer combines all your sounds and allows you to adjust the volumes and tones in each presets. More info on presets and layered patches can be found in the next guide.

Master Section

The controls in this section affect the overall sound of the template. Adjust the tempo of the current patch here and access tools like master EQ and MIDI Panic. The 'Intensity' control affects the power and volume of certain appropriate patches whilst 'Sidechain' adjusts the pumping sound in certain electronic patches.

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