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StageReady: Save and Load Patches

Learn how to export your custom patches and organise them ready to be imported again in the future

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Now you've created your Layered Patch, chosen it's key and set it's tempo - let's learn how to save it for recall in the future.

Right click the patch in the Patch List and click 'Save as Patch...'

Navigate in the browser to Music > MainStage > - - > User Patches and save your patch by clicking 'Export'.

You can organise this folder in any way you wish and categorise your sounds by genre, tempo or even song names.

To load this patch again in the future, create a blank patch and load it from the User Library in the Inspector just like any other StageReady patch.

We recommend only loading the patches you need for any particular setlist. You'll save CPU, increase stability on older machines and most of all you'll keep your setlist slick and easy to navigate on the fly.

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