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Making the most of StageReady requires a basic knowledge on how MainStage works. This guide will describe the essentials before we move on to StageReady.

There are 3 different views or 'modes' inside MainStage which are used in different scenarios. Cycle through them using the buttons found to the top-left of your screen.

Mode 1 - Layout Mode

This view allows you to map the controls on the screen to your MIDI controller. You would use this mode to make sure the template is listening for your MIDI keyboard. You will have seen this mode during the installation process.

Mode 2 - Edit Mode

Edit Mode contains the most commonly used functions.

Patch list - select and reorder your patches. StageReady allows you to build and edit custom patches which you can order to create a setlist. A patch can be anything from a single piano through to a 6-layered patch full of synths and pads.

Workspace - this is the StageReady layout (more info in the next section). The controls in this section will change depending on the patch you have selected and allow you to adjust the volumes and tones of your layers.

MainStage mixer - this section contains the nuts and bolts of your template. Here you can reveal and tweak any sound to your hearts desire - but be careful if you're new to this! Some changes may be irreversible.

The Inspector appears at the bottom of the screen once you activate it using the button next to Layout / Edit / Perform.

The Inspector will change and display important information depending on what was last clicked. If you select a patch from the Patch List, it will display tempo and appearance information. If you then select a control in the centre of the screen, it will change to display the mapping information.

Mode 3 - Perform Mode

Perform mode simply hides everything but the controls in the workspace. This is especially useful live, as it give you the largest and clearest view of the controls and text.

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