StageReady: Layered Patches

Patches containing multiple presets which are combined to create a big sound

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What are Layered Patches?

Layered Patches are presets which contain up to 6 layers of sounds. A Layered Patch could have a piano, a pad and 2 synth sounds - all of which are playable from just one keyboard. StageReady includes over 50 Layered Patches for you to get started, and you can even create your own. More information in the next guide.

How to Load a Layered Patch

Layered Patches are found in the the same place as your Startup Presets - the StageReady sound library. To load a Layered Patch:

Create a blank patch.

Navigate to > Layered Patches inside the Inspector.

Click on a sound, and it will load into the template. You'll notice that Layered Patches aren't separated into the same folders as the Startup Presets. This is because Layered Patches contain multiple sounds which have already been committed to a channel strip in the mixer.

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