StageReady: Startup Presets

Individual sounds which can be combined to create complex layered patches

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What are Startup Presets?

StageReady allows you to combine Startup Presets to create Layered Patches to fill out your keys sound. Startup Presets are individual sounds which are mixed and ready to play. You could either choose to load one and play it by itself, or load up to 6 and combine them. We will learn about combining patches in the next few sections.

Load a Startup Preset

Loading a Startup Preset requires us to pick a sound from the StageReady sound library. To access the sound library:

Create a blank patch.

Open the Inspector to reveal the StageReady sound library.

Select the blank patch in the patch list and navigate to > Startup Presets in the Inspector at the bottom of the screen.

Choose a channel on the StageReady mixer. If you choose 'Sounds for Channel 1', then the preset will load into channel 1 in the StageReady mixer. Each of these folders labelled 'Sounds for Channel __' contain the same sounds - they're just mapped to different channels so you're free to mix them in any order you like.

Once inside the folder, click on a sound to load it.

You've just loaded your first preset.

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