StageReady: Create Your Own Layered Patch

Learn how to combine Startup Presets to create your own Layered Patch

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This guide features a detailed pictures and descriptions of a process which takes no longer than 1 minute.

Custom Layered Patches

StageReady includes plenty of Layered Patches to get you started quickly. But every live setting needs something slightly different, and the ability to create the exact patch you need is essential.

How to Create Your Own Layered Patch

Creating your own Layered Patch is as simple as loading up to 6 Startup Presets, then combining them with a single click. All the mappings and controls are automatically brought together, and you're ready to go.

Create a blank patch.

Load a Startup Preset onto channel 1.

Create a second blank patch.

Load a Startup Preset onto channel 2. Be sure not to combine multiple sounds on the same channel.

Create a third blank patch.

Load a Startup Preset onto channel 3. Again, be very careful not to accidentally add sounds to the same channel.

Combine the Startup Patches together by multi-selecting the patches in the patch list, and right-click 'New Patch from Selected Patches'. MainStage will combine all three sounds into a new patch which will appear as 'Untitled Patch' in the patch list.

Double-click 'Untitled Patch' to rename it as you want.

Note that if you combine multiple sounds onto the same channel they will play just fine, but you will likely lose performance or tone controls as they fight for space in the mixer.

Note that if you load a sound onto channel strip 1, then change your mind and want to load onto channel strip 2 - you'll need to delete the patch and start from a blank patch. This is due to a bug in MainStage which prevents the routing from changing.

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