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StageReady: How to Set Up Your MIDI Keyboard

Learn how to connect and map your MIDI keyboard to the template

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Connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer and head to Layout Mode inside MainStage. This can be found to the top-left of your screen.

Once in Layout Mode, click on the image of the keyboard in the workspace. Click 'Assign' in the list of controls to the left of your screen. Once 'Assign' appears red, play any note on your keyboard. You should see the MIDI Port section display the name of your connected keyboard. Click 'Assign' to exit learn mode.

Repeat the process for your sustain pedal. Select the image of the sustain pedal to the right of the keyboard and click 'Assign' again. Now, step on your sustain pedal and MainStage will learn the input. Click 'Assign' to exit learn mode.

Be sure not to make any adjustments to the mod wheel in this template. Doing so could affect the functionality of the Progress Bar. The mod wheel is set to listen to all mod wheel messages, so yours will work without the need to map it directly.

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