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Understanding Song Specific Patches

Learn about keyboard layers and how to use the mod wheel to progress through sections of a song

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Song Specific Patches allow one keyboard player to sound just like the original recording. Some songs feature many keys parts all played at once, and your patch allows you to do exactly the same by placing different sounds across different sections of the keyboard and using your mod wheel to load the appropriate sound for each song section.

Start by dragging your Song Specific Patch from the download folder into a MainStage concert.

If you've correctly setup your MIDI keyboard, you're ready to start playing your patch.

Every Song Specific Patch is built with either a sound mapped across the entire keyboard, or arps and chord triggers which can be found in the first octave of a 61-key MIDI keyboard or second octave of an 88-key MIDI keyboard - between C1 and B1. We'll learn more about this below.

Your Song Specific Patch may produce a quiet sound to begin with, as per the song, so be sure to refer to the video found on the song page (example) if you're struggling to find the sound you're looking for.

Keyboard Splits

Mod Wheel

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