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Song Specific Patches: Quick Start Guide

Learn how to learn and play Song Specific Patches

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Song Specific Patches enable one person to simultaneously play some, or all the keys parts found in the original recording. Simply move the mod wheel or touch a button on your NanoKontrol to load different sounds as you progress through a song.

Getting Started

To load your patch, drag-and-drop the .patch from the download folder into the Patch List in StageReady.

Keyboard Layers

Once your patch has loaded, you can start playing. Use your left hand to trigger arps and additional keys parts, freeing your right hand to play lead melodies and chords.

This 88-key keyboard shows blue for the automatic triggers described above, and red for anything else. Learn more here.

Note: Keyboard layers may vary slightly depending on the key and song. Use the relevant demo video found on the song page if you're struggling to find your sounds.

If you'd prefer to play the parts yourself without using any triggers, simply head to the MainStage mixer and disable the green boxes labelled 'Arp' or 'Chord Trigger'.

Mod Wheel and Song Sections

Use the mod wheel on your MIDI keyboard to load sounds as you progress through a song. If you adjust the mod wheel whilst holding a note, you won't hear a difference until you play a new note.

This powerful feature allows you to sustain a chord and change song section knowing that the new sounds won't be heard until you play the next chord.

Now your section changes don't have clumsy dropouts or unnatural volume jumps. See it in action below.

If you'd like to bypass the Progress Bar and mod wheel to play every sound at once - simply bypass the first green box labelled 'Modifier' on the relevant channel in the MainStage Mixer.


Using a mod wheel is great, but using a button is better! We recommend using a Korg NanoKontrol to cycle through song sections.

Download our Korg NanoKontrol File and upload it to your device to change the transport buttons into Song Section buttons.

The blue boxes in the images above highlight the buttons which are used for song sections. See the list below to understand their functions once using our NanoKontrol file:

Cycle: Section 1

Rewind: Section 2

Forward: Section 3

Stop: Section 4

Play: Section 5

Record: Section 6

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