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Song Specific Patches
Automating MainStage and Ableton Song Specific PatchesA quick start guide on how to use Song Specific Patch Cues to automate your MainStage or Ableton Song Specific Patches with Playback.
Getting Started with MainStage Song Specific PatchesGetting Started with MainStage Song Specific Patches
Getting Started with Ableton Song Specific PatchesGetting Started with Ableton Song Specific Patches
Song Specific Patches: Keyboard Layer SplitsYour sounds are separated across the MIDI keyboard. Learn the common locations for sounds in this guide
Song Specific Patches: Change the Key of Your PatchLearn how to change the key of your patch inside StageReady. You can even set to play in one key whilst hearing in another.
Song Specific Patches: Loading and Playing Your Patch
Song Specific PatchesHow to install and use Song Specific Patches
Song Specific Patches IntroductionA quick overview of Song Specific Patches and how to get the most out of them
Song Sections and the Progress BarLearn how to use your Mod Wheel or Korg NanoKontrol to load sounds as you progress through a song.
StageReady: Song Specific PatchesWhat are Song Specific Patches?
Song Specific Patches: Change Patch TempoLearn how to change the tempo of tempo synced effects like arpeggiators and delays
Song Specific Patches: How to Install the MainStage Sound Library
Song Specific Patches: Quick Start GuideLearn how to learn and play Song Specific Patches
Understanding Song Specific PatchesLearn about keyboard layers and how to use the mod wheel to progress through sections of a song
Understanding Song Specific Patches