Getting Started with Ableton Song Specific Patches

Getting Started with Ableton Song Specific Patches

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Downloading/Installing Piano In 162:

Installing Piano in 162 only needs to be done once, not for each Song Specific Patch.

First, we need to download PianoIn162. This is a free piano sample pack which gives us access to piano sounds far greater than those included in Ableton. Once those samples are downloaded, we need to move them our 'User Library'. This is a location on your hard drive which Ableton uses to store and locate samples so that all the Instrument Racks run smoothly and are compatible in any project.

Navigate to this link and download the free library by either using "Direct Download" or BitTorrent Download - SFZ".

Next, in a separate window, navigate to Imported folder of the Ableton user library on your computer's hard drive:

Mac: Hard Drive / Users / (selected user name) / music / Ableton / User Library / Samples / Imported

PC: This PC / Documents / Ableton / User Library / Samples / Imported

If there's no folder called Imported, then manually create one

Finally, drag the samples from each of the Piano in 162 Samples subfolders to the Imported folder within the Ableton User Library.

Installing Song Specific Patches

Download and unzip your Song Specific Patch
Open the Song Specific Ableton project from the download and select the Instrument Rack.
Click the small floppy disk icon to the top-right of the instrument rack to save your patch.
Your Song Specific Patch is now installed and ready to use in any project.

Note: Use the Song Section macro to move through the sounds. The included PDF guide will show you which values to move to for each section.

Setting Up Your NanoKontrol

1. Download our pre-mapped NanoKontrol file by clicking HERE.

2. Head to Korg's website and download the 'KORG KONTROL Editor' software. Once downloaded, install it.

3. Before launching it, plug in your NanoKontrol.

4. As the software launches it'll ask you to select the NanoKontrol you have plugged in. There should only be one, so click ok.

5. Once it's launched, head to 'File' located at the top of your screen and select 'Open'.

6. Navigate to your downloads folder and open the file 'MT SSP NanoKontrol.nktrl2_data'.

7. Once open, click 'Communication' at the top of the screen and click 'Write Scene Set'. This will upload our settings to your NanoKontrol meaning it's ready to go right away.

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