Getting Started with Complete Worship Bundle Ableton

Getting Started with Complete Worship Bundle Ableton

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Thanks for purchasing the Complete Worship Bundle from Peter James!


To get started you will need to download the Ableton Live folder and 4 samples folders from

Once the folders are unzipped, drag the samples folders inside the "Drop Samples Here" folder.

Upon opening the project, double click the "Media files are missing" colored bar at the bottom of your screen. On the right hand side of your screen, click "set folder" and navigate to your "DROP SAMPLES HERE" folder. Lastly, select "Go" next to Automatic Search. This will populate your samples in to the template. Save your template to commit these samples to the project.

NOTE: In Standard and Suite versions, you'll also need to install a few third party plugins.

The LABS plugin in this bundle utilizes "Electric Piano" and "Strings" from the free Spitfire Audio App. You'll need to download the Spitfire Audio App, then follow Spitfire's instructions on downloading the free sample library for "Electric Piano" and "Strings"

After downloading these samples, you'll need to locate the Labs Instrument in your Complete Worship Bundle and assign the appropriate sample library by clicking the "Show/Hide Plugin" button in the LABS device in your instrument rack.

NOTE: For Sforzando piano instruments, you'll need to follow these instructions to locate Piano in 162 samples.

Open an instrument rack that includes sforzando (any piano)

Then Click the "Show/Hide plugin" button (wrench shown above)

Sforzando will open, then you will select import as shown above.

Select the .sfz file corresponding to AMBIENT or CLOSE instrument rack name from your Ivy-In-162 downloaded folder. The same process applies to the ambient.sfz file

Lastly, included are two versions of Ableton sessions. One for use with the plugins listed above, and a "Plus" version, which requires the purchase and installation of "Valhalla Vintage Verb"


LASTLY, once you've got your project up and running, be sure to "Collect All and Save" to the location you'd like to store your project on your computer. Your samples and path presets will now be saved in your preferred location.

Enjoy the Complete Worship Bundle from Peter James!

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