Song Specific Patches: Keyboard Layer Splits

Your sounds are separated across the MIDI keyboard. Learn the common locations for sounds in this guide

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Song Specific Patches allow you to play multiple keyboard sounds at once by placing them at different points on your MIDI keyboard.

Common Sound Locations

Each patch may vary slightly, but you will generally find rhythmic / bass / arpeggiated pattern instruments between notes C1 - B1 on your keyboard. These are highlighted blue in the images below.

The red keys show the areas which are reserved for pianos / keys / synths and lead melodic instruments.

88-key Keyboard:

61-key Keyboard:

Once you are familiar with this layout, you'll find that there's no need to spend time learning and labouring over a new patch - they're all built in this same way.

Some patches include automatic melodic patterns which are triggered using your left hand (blue section in the images above). Remember that these are key specific, so be sure to play in the correct key. Learn more here.

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