Song Specific Patches: Change the Key of Your Patch

Learn how to change the key of your patch inside StageReady. You can even set to play in one key whilst hearing in another.

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StageReady can quickly transpose any Song Specific Patch to any key. Last-minute key changes are now completely stress free, as you have the ability to change the key you're playing in and the key you're hearing in separately.

To change the key of the patch you currently have selected, head to the Transposer section next to the Setlist then click-and-drag it's current key up or down to your desired key.

If you've learnt a song in G but are now required to play it in Bb - simply set 'Play' to G (the key you learnt it in) and set 'Output' to Bb (the key you'd like to hear it in).

If you would like the patch to remember the changes you've made, just save your project and your patch will default to that key. Without saving your project, the patch will reset to it’s original key each time you leave it and return.

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