StageReady: Setup Your NanoKontrol2 and TouchOSC

Learn how to setup your Korg NanoKontrol or TouchOSC to control StageReady

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You're free to control StageReady using any MIDI controller you like, but don't forget that we have pre-mapped the Korg NanoKontrol2 and TouchOSC for you! Follow this guide to get set up.

NanoKontrol2 Setup

Download and install the Korg NanoKontrol Editor from Korg’s website -

Connect your device to your computer, launch the software and select your device. Click OK.

At the top of your screen click File > Open.

Locate and open the ‘StageReady NanoKontrol.nktrl2_data’ file downloaded from here.

At the top of your screen click Communication > Write Scene Data. Click OK when the warning appears on the screen.

Your NanoKontrol is now ready to go! You don’t need to make any changes in MainStage.

Nano Kontrol Template Control

(Red) Patch Navigation - These arrow buttons will navigate through your patch list; The right arrow moving down your patch list, and the left arrow moving up.
(Yellow) Progress Bar Control - Use these 6 buttons to control the Progress Bar, allowing you to quickly jump to any section of a Song Specific Patch. See Section 7 for more information.

(Green) Mixer Faders- These 6 channel strips correspond to the mixer section in the Template. Faders will adjust volume of corresponding channel strips while the knobs and buttons will vary based on patches loaded. See Section 3 for more information.
(Purple) Ambient Pad Controls- This Fader Section is mapped to give you quick control of the ambient pad and correspond to the on-screen parameters. See Section 8 for more information.
(Blue) Master Fader- These controls affect the overall sound of the template and correspond to the master section in the template including 'Midi Panic,' 'Tap Tempo,' and 'Intensity.'

TouchOSC Setup

TouchOSC turns your iOS or Android device into a MIDI controller. Download the app from your app store, and upload our TouchOSC template file to control StageReady from your phone or tablet. to control StageReady from your phone or tablet. To learn more about touch OSC click here.

Download and install the free TouchOSC Editor on your Mac. You can find the info for that install here. Once installed, launch the application.

Locate and open the ‘StageReady TouchOSC’ file downloaded from here, and open it from within TouchOSC Editor.

Connect your device to the same network as your computer and click the "Sync" button in the top right bar of the TouchOSC Editor. Follow the on screen instructions. Open the TouchOSC Application on your iOS or Android device and select "layouts." Then select "Add." A list of available hosts on our network will be shown. Only hosts that have the TouchOSC Editor open and "Sync" enabled will appear here. After selecting the host, you have successfully downloaded the template and may select it from your template lists inside the app on your iOS or Android device.

If you haven't already at this point, download the free TouchOSC Template Bridge on your Mac that's found here at Hexler. The bridge is required to connect your Android or iOS device to your Mac. Once you've installed the bridge you can connect both devices to the same network and connect to the bridge from your touch device.

After successfully connecting, you can now map the controls in the TouchOSC app to the MainStage Template. Mapping is as easy as selecting "Layout" in the top left of MainStage, highlighting the control you wish to map, arming the "Assign" button in the left inspector, and moving the Touch OSC control you wish to assign to that MainStage control. Select the next MainStage control and move the desired control. Repeat steps until you've mapped all the controls you need. Finish be clicking and de-arming the "Assign" button and returning to "Edit" View.

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