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Installation and Top Tips

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Here you will find all the information you need to completely harness the power of your new keys template - from connecting your keyboard through to understanding every advanced feature.

Before you start, be sure to install the full MainStage Sound Library. Click here to learn how.


Install StageReady - User Guide

Setup your MIDI keyboard - User Guide
Setup your NanoKontrol and TouchOSC for control - User Guide


A quick introduction to MainStage - User Guide

A quick introduction to StageReady - User Guide


Startup presets - User Guide

Layered patches - User Guide

Create your own patch - User Guide

Change patch key - User Guide

Change patch tempo - User Guide

Save and load patches - User Guide

Ambient Pad Player - User Guide

How to use third-party pianos - User Guide

Song Specific Patches - User Guide

StageReady Expansion Packs - User Guide

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