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Linking Songs between Planning Center and
Linking Songs between Planning Center and
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Making sure your Planning Center songs are linked to songs from's catalogue is an important step when setting up the integration between and Planning Center Services.
NOTE: If you’re wanting to utilize the RehearsalMix files in Planning Center, follow our separate guide on Integrating RehearsalMix with Planning Center. Otherwise, continue this guide to get started linking songs between Planning Center and

Linking Songs from

Head to the “Setlists” tab of your account page, and then select “Song Link” from the left side menu. (Song Link Webpage)

Next, select “Link songs” button to populate all songs in your Planning Center account that are not already linked to a catalogue song. If an error code says “No songs to Link,” it means your Planning Center Services song catalogue songs are already linked to songs on

Finally, select the song you’d like to link from the pop-up menu and then choose “Link Song."

Repeat the process for any other songs you need linked until you’ve linked all songs. Now your songs are linked, and your PCO plans can be imported as setlists.

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