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Troubleshooting | Planning Center People and Setlists
Troubleshooting | Planning Center People and Setlists

Information on troubleshooting some common confusion or issues with Planning Center people and setlist integrations.

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Troubleshooting People Import:

I'm unable to import my people:

If for some reason, the Planning Center People Import is not working on your account, first ensure that your and Planning Center accounts have been properly setup, and that the connection is still working.
Possible Resolutions:
Use the "Relink" option from the Planning Center Song Integrations page to reconnect the accounts, and then try the import again from

The person I'm trying to import is not showing up:

If you're unable to find a particular person in your Planning Center account, this usually means the person you're trying to import has already been imported into, or already connected with a profile. Example: "Joe's" Planning Center profile could've been accidently linked or imported as "Rachel's" profile so "Joe's" profile will no longer show up in Planning Center import.
Possible Resolutions:

  • 1st Troubleshooting Steps:
    Have a Planning Center admin navigate to the "/Songs/Integrations" page in Planning Center, and use the "Licensed Users" hyperlink to find the specific user in question.

    • Using this hyperlink will allow the admin to find the user in question, and determine which user they're already linked to.

    • After clicking the hyperlink, the admin can hover over the name of the user not showing in Planning Center Import or Linking, and doing so will reveal the MultiTracks User ID # that Planning Center user is linked to currently.

    • A support agent can assist in tracking down which user is associated with that MultiTracks UserID.

  • Second option for troubleshooting would be:

    • Look through all People on the People Page of your account, and see if you can find an old email address or profile that hasn't accepted the invite. (Usually towards the end of the People Pages).
      Find the particular profiles you think could be linked to the same person, and either remove the profile from the account, or use the "Remove Planning Center Link" option for the individual profile.
      Then, usually within 10 minutes, the person will start showing up in Planning Center Import.

Troubleshooting Planning Center Setlist Integrations

Setlists are importing, but songs are placeholder click tracks (metronomes).

Songs from Planning Center plans will load in as placeholder Click and Pad tracks when the Planning Center library song in the plan, is not connected to a catalogue song. Cloud Songs cannot currently be linked to Planning Center library songs. (See third possible resolution below).

Possible Resolutions:

  • Use the SONG LINK page to link every song from your Planning Center account so that each of your Planning Center Songs is properly connected to a catalogue song.

  • Use the Setlist page on to link the individual missing songs in the setlist.

  • (If using cloud songs) Turn off the Auto-Update for that specific setlist, and replace the click and pad with a song from your library.

Planning Center Setlists Not Auto-Adding People setlists will auto-add all scheduled people from Planning Center that are linked to their profiles. If people are not auto-adding, it's usually one of two things:

  1. The people not auto-adding to your particular setlist are not properly connected and active on

  2. The particular Planning Center plan connected to the setlist has more than 25 scheduled people on it. (A current limitation our team is fixing on the side of things).

To confirm the issue is not the first problem above, ensure you've followed the instructions on HOW TO auto-add Planning Center people to setlists.

Empty Planning Center Setlists Auto Populating in (Confusion)

If you're confused about large amounts of empty setlists populating in your with the Planning Center logo, this means the account likely has "Auto Update" enabled for a Planning Center Service Type. Service Type Auto Update will automatically import all upcoming Planning Center Plans in that service type every 24 hours.


  • Disable auto-update for any unwanted Service Type on the website under "Service Types."

To learn more about Auto Update see the article: PC Setlists | Auto Update and Auto Import.

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