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Linking Profiles between and Planning Center
Linking Profiles between and Planning Center

Information and troubleshooting on how to link Planning Center users to accounts.

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An important step in integrating and Planning Center Services is ensuring your team members are linked to their appropriate Planning Center user. This is important if your team needs access to RehearsalMix in Planning Center, or needs to be auto-added to imported setlists.

Importing Planning Center People into automatically links your and Planning Center people.

How to Import/Link People


If you don't already have existing people imported on your account, you the easiest way to do this is using Planning Center People Import from the People Page on your This will both send an invite to everyone you select, and will also automatically link their Planning Center and accounts (Article Guide on Importing).


If you've manually invited the team into using the "Add People" option, linking will need to be done manually using the "Link to Planning Center" option under the name of the user on the account. Then simply select the appropriate user to link the user to a specific Planning Center Services user.

After clicking "Link Person" the accounts are now linked and ready to go!

Troubleshooting People Linking

Can't find team member's name in link window.
If a team member's name isn't showing in the link window, this usually means their Planning Center profile is already linked to a different profile on the account. Sometimes this can be a user under the organization that was originally imported with a different email. If you're having an issue tracking that down to unlink the other user, reach out to our Support Team using the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of our our website or help center, or by emailing us at

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