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Auto-Add Planning Center Team to Setlists.
Auto-Add Planning Center Team to Setlists.

How to auto-add team members to your setlists using Planning Center Services integrations.

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It's important to add people to your setlists so your team members and team leaders have the visibility they need to practice in advance, and even use features like Playback Sync on stage with the ChartBuilder app. With Planning Center Setlist Import, your scheduled team in Planning Center, will be auto-added to your setlists.

What's required?

In order for this auto-adding functionality to work, you'll need the following:

  • Planning Center and accounts are connected. (Article Help)

  • people have their fully setup and active.
    (More info below)

  • people are linked to the appropriate Planning Center person.
    (More info in article "HOW TO | Link Planning Center People.")

And that's it! Enjoy the convenience of people being auto-added to setlists imported from Planning Center.

Which people or teams are auto-added?

Currently, any user, from any team attached to a Planning Center Plan, will be auto-added to the imported Planning Center setlist if they meet those above requirements.

Why are some of team members not auto-adding?

If people are not auto adding to setlists, it means they do not meat the above requirements. The most common cause is the user's "Status" on their account. This can be found on the People Page by any admin on the account.
If the user does not have a green active status, they will not be auto-added to setlists.

A yellow status icon with no description on the People Page means that user hasn't accepted our new Terms and Conditions updated in July 2022. Resolve by asking the team member to sign into their account to update their account, and update their account.

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