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Add your team to setlists so they can access real time song changes in ChartBuilder, RehearsalMix, and Playback.

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NOTE: This is an excerpt from the ChartBuilder User Guide, where you can learn everything there is to know about using charts and RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder.


Team members can be given access to any setlist in an organization. Once added to a setlist, a team member can open it in ChartBuilder and access dynamic charts and RehearsalMix for their own practice time with the proper permissions. Team members can be added to setlists on the website or in ChartBuilder.

NOTE: Adding team members to your organization is easy and can be done in the People section of your Account on Learn how to add team members by email or by Planning Center import.

Add Team Members to a Setlist

The Setlist Overview has 2 tabs: Songs and Team. Team members can be added to a setlist in the Team tab.

  • Tap on the “Team” tab to view a list of every person added to your organization. Each person in your team will show the Avatar image, full name (or email, if no name is entered), and their permission level (e.g., Org admin, campus admin, etc.).

  • Tap the button on the far right of a team member cell to add them to the current setlist. Once this is done, the added team member can log in to ChartBuilder and open the setlist.

Sharing Setlist Changes with Your Team

When a team member has a shared setlist open on their own device, they can instantly view setlist changes saved by someone else on the team.

After a setlist change has been saved:

  • Open the Setlist Overview

  • See the banner shown under the header: “This setlist has been changed.”

  • Tap update to view the setlist note, and confirm the update

The setlist changes will be locally applied in ChartBuilder.

Notify Your Team

Often a worship leader will want to finish building a setlist before sharing with the team for practice. Team members added to a setlist on can be sent an email notification when the setlist is ready for them.

While in the Setlist Overview:

  • Tap the ellipsis (i.e., 3-dot icon) to open the Quick Access menu

  • Tap “Email Team”

Every team member assigned to this setlist will receive an email informing them that the setlist is ready to be viewed.

Now that your setlist has been built and team members have been added, let’s dive into ChartBuilder’s dynamic chart customization.

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