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Share Setlists with Your Team
Add Your Team To Setlists |
Add Your Team To Setlists |

Add your team to setlists so they can access real time song changes in ChartBuilder, RehearsalMix, and Playback.

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Share Setlists with your team

Once songs are added or edited on your setlist, click the ellipsis to save as a new setlist, add team members, edit setlist details, or delete the setlist from your organization.

Select Add/Remove People on the ellipsis menu to manage which team members are able to access this setlist in ChartBuilder, Playback, or While people in your organization with Org or Campus admin roles have access to every setlist in your organization, people with team leader or team member roles can only access setlists in which they have been added.

Once added to a setlist, your team members can open these setlists in Playback, ChartBuilder or RehearsalMix on the web.

For more information on how to manage people in your organization and their content and subscriptions, Click Here.

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