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Importing Planning Center Plans as Setlists (
Importing Planning Center Plans as Setlists (

How to import your Planning Center plans as setlists and how to automate for future plans.

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Importing your Planning Center Services plans is quick and easy, and can organizations time every week, so setlists aren’t being created twice. With the and PCO integration, Plan import can even be automated so plans will automatically import when they’re created in Planning Center.
Looking for a guide on importing directly from Playback? See this article here.

Before Getting started:

Make sure you’ve already:

  • Connected your and Planning Center Organizations. (📖Article)

  • Linked Planning Center Services songs to songs. (📖Article)

  • And make sure you’re a Campus Admin or Organization Admin on your account.

Importing a Single Plan as a Setlist on

If importing a single plan as a setlist into, follow the below steps. Alternatively, check out the article on how import plans directly in Playback here or you can bulk import multiple plans in a Service Type.

  1. To import a single plan, navigate to “Import” under the “setlists” menu on (Direct link here)

  2. Select the Service type from the menu, and then select the individual plan you’d like to import.

  3. Click Import Setlist to and then confirm the details of your setlist. You may need to link songs that aren’t linked yet, and confirm the date and time are correct. Then click CREATE to create the setlist on

Importing ALL Plans from a Planning Center Service Type

If multiple plans exist in a single service type in Planning Center, it might be more efficient to import these all at once instead of importing them one by one with the above method.

  1. To import all future plans in a service type, navigate to “Service Types” under the Setlists account page (Direct link) and select “Import Service Type” with the PCO logo.

  2. Secondly, select one or more service types to import from Planning Center and click “Next."
    Note: This will import all currently-created plans and create setlists for each plan in each service type you select.

  3. Manage the service times and confirm they’re accurate and choose “Import” to finish the import of the plans in that service type. If you’d like to auto-import every plan in this service type as a setlist, see Auto-Importing Planning Center Plans below.

Auto-importing all future Planning Center plans in a Service Type

When setting up “Service Types” on an option will be shown to “Receive Plan updates for Setlists in this Service Type.” Checking this will automate the import process so that every future Plan created in planning Center is imported as a setlist AND will keep make changes for you so when songs are changed in Planning Center plans, they’re also updated and changed in setlists (within that set Service Type).
These settings can be found within a Planning Center Service Type on under “Setlists” > Service Types (

For more information on auto-import and auto-update see:
📖Planning Center Setlists | Auto Update & Auto Import

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