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Planning Center Setlists | Auto Import and Auto Update
Planning Center Setlists | Auto Import and Auto Update

Automatically import and update Planning Centers Plans with setlists.

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Why make the same setlist twice? With Planning Center auto import and auto update your plans from Planning Center, to keep your setlists up to date!

Getting Started:

Connect your account

You'll first need to make sure your Planning Center account and account is fully connected from the Connected Accounts page on You can see more here: Connecting Planning Center Services and Accounts.

Linking Songs

Linking songs is an important step in making this automation work smoothly. There are usually one of two ways we recommend getting your songs linked and setup.
You can either:

  1. Use the Song Link page under setlists on your account to individually link all songs across Planning Center and
    Note: a majority of songs may already be linked to popular recordings on if when adding new songs the "Popular recording" tab was used in Planning Center.

  2. Manage imported setlists more closely on the website and ensure songs are linked correctly in all setlists.

Import Service Types or Setlists

With accounts connected, you can now import individual Plans as setlists, or entire Service Types (All plans in a service type) and use the auto-update features to automatically import and keep the plans and setlists up-to-date.

Auto Update Service Types

  • With any Planning Center Service Type imported into, the "Auto-Update" setting becomes available as an option inside each service.

    With Auto Update enabled in the service type ALL Planning Center plans in this service type will be auto-imported, AND all setlists 2 weeks or less in the future will be auto-updated once every 24 hours.

  • Setlist Auto Update only occurs on Plans/Setlists that are within a rolling 2 weeks from the current date.

  • Setlist syncing is currently only one-way from Planning Center to If changes are made in the Planning Center plan, those changes will override changes made in the setlist.

Admins can also choose to manually sync an entire service type to force the update from Planning Center.

Auto Update Individual Setlists

Individual setlists also have auto-update settings specifically for auto-updating only specific setlists, or excluding a specific setlist from auto-updating. The Auto Update setting can be disabled in the general setlist settings from the website (see screenshot below).

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