HOW TO | Import People from Planning Center

Learn how to import team members directly into your Organization from your Planning Center account.

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Importing people from Planning Center is a free feature of Before importing people from Planning Center, you will need to connect your Planning Center account to your account

1. (Click on “Account” then your organization name at the top, then “Connected Accounts” from the left menu) or click here.

2. Press “Connect.”
For more information on connecting your Planning Center account, visit this article.

3. Once you’ve connected your accounts, you can import people from Planning Center directly into your account. To get started, go to and “Add Person” or click this shortcut.

4. You can see everyone in your Planning Center services account in the list to the left. If you hover over someone’s name and click on them, you can see details such as email, last login, and permissions.

5. If you want to add your entire team, click “Add all.” You can import up to 50 people at a time. If your team is bigger than 50 people, you’ll need to do this process multiple times until you’ve imported them all.

6. You can also import specific people rather than your whole team into this list. Click the Plus next to a person’s name to add them to the list.

7. You can search for people by name or filter by service type, team, and position. If you use tags to organize your team across multiple services, you can also filter by tags.

8. After you choose filters, click filter to sort the list by those parameters. To get back to your main list, click “Clear filters.”

9. After you’ve added everyone you’d like to import, click Import on the bottom right.

10. If there are conflicts with duplicate accounts on Planning Center or, you will be given specific instructions on how to resolve them on the next screen.

11. After you have resolved any conflicts, you’ll move to the final step, and you can click “Finish Import” to import your team into

Note: If you have people with the same name and email in both Planning Center and, their accounts will automatically be linked. If you have people with similar names but different emails or vice versa, you can choose to link accounts or import new people. It’s worth noting that none of these actions will affect your Planning Center account.

12. People listed under “People to be Created” will be added to your account. People under “People to be Linked” will be linked to existing people in your account.

13. To finalize the import, click Finish Import

14. You’ll get a message letting you know the import was successful, and your team will get an email asking them to finish setting up their account.

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