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HOW TO | Add RehearsalMix to Songs in Planning Center
HOW TO | Add RehearsalMix to Songs in Planning Center
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Before accessing RehearsalMix in Planning Center, you need to link your Planning Center account with your account.

If your MultiTracks account is not yet linked visit this article for a walkthrough.

Once you have your account properly connected and set up, any song you add to your Planning Center song library can automatically import RehearsalMix files in the relevant keys.

New Songs

  1. Go to the songs page in Planning Center Services.

2. Click “Add a Song.”

3. Search for the song by in “Popular Recordings”

4. After you select your song from popular recordings, activate the "RehearsalMix" checkbox to automatically import your RehearsalMix files to this song.

Existing Song

For songs that are already in your Planning Center song library but do not have RehearsalMix files, they will need to be added manually.

1. Go to that song's overview page and click the "+" button next to the "Files" label. This will launch the Files Uploader.

2. Click the RehearsalMix Tab. (Planning Center will automatically search the catalog of available mixes to find matches to that song. You may see multiple versions of that song, so make sure to choose the correct one.

3. Click the plus next to the version of the song you want to add mixes for.

3. Once you click “Done” Planning Center will add the RehearsalMixes to this song. (you’ll also see information like duration, tempo, and album art automatically added to that song added as well)

4.Select your Instrument part or the original song.

Adding additional keys

  1. On the song page select the "Add Key" button. (Launch Add Key Menu)

2. Select a new key (Note: changing the quality of the starting key will change it for every key attached to that song and will no longer be accurate to the original key provided by We do not recommend changing this). Click Save.

3. After you clicked save, Planning Center will automatically bring in RehearsalMixes for that key. (This can take up to a minute to fully import)

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