• Note: Planning Center Import is currently in beta testing.

Planning Center is the leading tool for service planning, scheduling volunteers, and preparing resources for worship teams. Previously, your account has been linkable to your Planning Center account in order to share RehearsalMix audio with musicians on your team directly in Planning Center. Now, this integration has been expanded to provide Plan Importing in Playback.

Plans created in Planning Center can now be imported directly in Playback! All songs linked to popular recordings in the song catalog will be automatically added as a brand new setlist that stays linked to the imported plan.

This article walks through the necessary connections and steps to import songs from a Planning Center Plan directly into a new setlist.

Step 1: Link your and Planning Center Accounts

Once you have created and signed into a Account, head to Account -> Connected Accounts, where you will see an option to Link to Planning Center.

Click Connect, where you can sign into an existing Planning Center Account. Note: a Planning Center account can be connected to only one MT orgnaization at a time.

Step 2: Build your Planning Center Plan

In Planning Center, create a new plan or open the existing plan you would like to import into Playback. There are a couple steps to make sure your plan is ready to be imported into Playback.

1. Add songs from the "Popular Recordings" Tab.

When adding new songs to your Planning Center library, song arrangements in the Popular Recordings results are automatically linked to the song on Scheduling these songs will make them import-ready for Playback.

2. Manually link existing songs in your Planning Center Library to

If songs added to your Planning Center library do not appear in Playback, they may not be linked to Go to the Song sell in Planning Center, and select the Link button:

Choose the correct Popular Recording for this song shell to link to.

Once your songs are prepared to be imported, it's time to head to Playback.

Step 3: Import Plans in Playback

Log into Playback and choose the organization linked to Planning Center. Once logged in, open the Setlists Menu and choose Import from Planning Center.

Navigate to the correct Planning Center Service type, where you will see the plan title, series name, date and service times.

Once you see all songs laid out in the plan, tap Import after which you can select to open the setlist immediately. Playback Rentals customers can rent unowned songs or automatically load any tracks that are already purchased for songs.

Your Planning Center plan has now been imported into and linked to Planning Center!

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