Playback Sync connects the Charts in ChartBuilder to the setlist in Playback in real time; the Charts swipe automatically and follow Playback arrangement changes.

  • Playback Sync is a broadcast enabled from Playback

  • ChartBuilder can see and connect to available Playback devices

  • Once connected and in sync, ChartBuilder will automatically follow Playback while Tracks are playing.

Which Playback Actions will be followed by ChartBuilder?

  • Track Playback: ChartBuilder will automatically scroll through song sections and highlight the current section, as well as switch songs through programmed transitions

  • Live navigation actions: Loop, Live ReOrder, and Live Crossfading

  • Song section scrolling and song selection while Tracks are paused

  • Setlist Updates: When Playback saves a new version of the currently synced setlist, ChartBuilder will automatically receive the update.

  • Setlist Changes: If Playback opens a new setlist, ChartBuilder will automatically be prompted to open the new setlist.

This article walks through the requirements for using Playback Sync and steps for getting connected!

Before You Get Started:

  • The accounts logged in to Playback and ChartBuilder must be a part of the same Organization and have access to the same setlists. Learn how to manage your team.

  • Any people in your Organization with a ChartBuilder App seat can log into ChartBuilder and use Playback Sync.

  • A Chart Pro Subscription is required for people in your organization to access the entire chart catalog in-app.

  • Playback must be on a Wi-Fi network shared with the ChartBuilder devices and connected to the internet. To prevent any device interference, we recommend a private network reserved for Playback Sync using a dedicated router.

  • Playback Sync is available in Playback for free with all tiers (including the free Intro)

Step 1: Enable Sync in Playback

Playback Sync is enabled in Playback and stays online while using setlists. Every action in Playback will be broadcast to connected ChartBuilder devices.

Once logged into Playback, open the setlist you would like to use. Then open the More Menu by tapping on the icon in the upper right corner.

Tap on the Playback Sync cell to make your Playback device available. ChartBuilder will see your device available under your username.

Step 2: Connect ChartBuilder to Playback

  • Remember: The accounts logged in to Playback and ChartBuilder must be a part of the same Organization and have access to the same setlists. Learn how to manage your team.

Log in to ChartBuilder and navigate to Settings -> Playback Sync. Here you can see all Playback devices currently available for Sync.

Tap on the Playback device to connect. Once connected, ChartBuilder will see which setlist is currently opened.

Tap GO TO SETLIST to enter Sync Mode and open the setlist currently in Playback.

Sync Mode

While in Sync Mode, ChartBuilder automatically follows every move of Playback.

  • The Chart View is locked to Scrolling Mode and the RehearsalMix Player is disabled.

  • Setlist Auto-Update: When Playback saves a new setlist update, ChartBuilder will automatically implement the update after a 5 second countdown.

Leave Sync Mode by manually choosing a new song in ChartBuilder or backing out of the setlist. Resync to Playback at any time by tapping Sync to Playback banner in the Setlist Overview or Chart View.

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