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Troubleshooting | ProPresenter Lyric and Template Import
Troubleshooting | ProPresenter Lyric and Template Import

Troubleshooting steps for solving common errors or issues related to ProPresenter lyric & template import in ProPresenter.

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No license available Error in ProPresenter

No license Available, please check your subscription at

If receiving the message "No license available" in ProPresenter, this indicates that the account that's signed into ProPresenter does not have a valid Chart Pro License. There are a number of possible reasons for this. So the steps to resolve would be either of the following:

  1. Problem: The Chart Pro subscription has expired and needs to be renewed.
    Resolution: Have an admin renew the subscription on via their manage subscription page, or the pricing page on

  2. Problem: The Chart Pro seat has been removed from this user/account.

    Resolution: A admin can re-assign the Chart Pro seat to the account from the People Page of their account.

  3. Problem: There is a technical problem with the currently assigned Chart Pro seat.
    Resolution: Un-assign the existing Chart Pro license/seat from the account needing access in ProPresenter, and save changes. Then re-assign a new Chart Pro seat to the account.

"U​nable to Authorize the presentation"

If seeing the above message in ProPresenter, it means the currently-selected song template in ProPresenter has not been properly authorized. Simply click "Retry" while connected to the internet to re-authorize the template.

Note:The above error is not expected to appear unless the ProPresenter device has been disconnected from the internet for more than 7 days. If seeing the above error while constantly connected to the internet, please reach out to our support team for further troubleshooting steps.

Other possible resolution steps for the above:

  1. Confirm the Chart Pro subscription is active on the subscriptions page of the account.

  2. Confirm the account used in ProPresenter has an active Chart Pro license on the People Page of the account.

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