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Import your Chart Pro charts directly into Planning Center Services for your entire team to access.

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Already a Chart Pro customer and not seeing options in Planning Center? Follow these troubleshooting steps.

Before Getting Started, please confirm:

  • Account has an active Chart Pro subscription, annual or monthly.

  • Account has not reached the Chart Pro chart limit
    (Found on your Chart Pro account page)

  • Account setting things up is an Organization Admin on, and a full Planning Center Organization Admin. (More info here).

Connecting and Planning Center Accounts

Importing your Chart Pro files directly into Planning Center is easy. First you'll need to connect your and Planning Center accounts from the Connected Accounts page on here: Connected Accounts
More info: Connecting Planning Center accounts Article

Setup Admins to Import Charts

The next necessary step in the process would be granting Chart Pro import access to people on your account, and Planning Center account.

Note: Only admins importing Chart Pro content will need to have these below permissions and links. Any team member in your Planning Center will have access to imported Chart Pro Content. If utilizing RehearsalMix files as well in Planning Center, refer to Integrating RehearsalMix and Planning center Services.

  1. First, import or invite Planning Center admins to the, to link their Planning Center Profile to a profile. This can be done by any admin on the People Page of your More Info.

  2. After importing and/or linking the admins from, you'll also need to give that profile Chart Pro permissions by checking the "Chart Pro" checkmark underneath the profile info.

    Granting Chart Pro permissions will allow this user to unlock new song charts which deduct from the organization's Chart Pro chart limit. Learn More.

Importing Charts within Planning Center Services requires the Planning Center profile to be an Editor or higher as well as the above requirements. More info.

Now your admins are all setup to import charts within Planning Center Services!

Quick Checklist

In order to import a Chart into Planning Center Services, the Planning Center profile will need to be:

  • Linked to a user/account.

  • Granted Chart Pro permission from

  • Chart Pro Chart credit limit not reached

  • Editor or higher permissions in Planning Center Services

Importing Charts into Planning Center

With the organizations and accounts linked up and ready to go, your Planning Center editors and admins can now import Chart Pro content when adding new songs, or to existing songs. Please note that admins can check the status of the Chart Pro subscription credits directly on the Chart Pro Account page at

To import Chart Pro content with a new song you're adding into, simply select the "Chart Pro" checkbox before submitting your new song form.

To import Chart Pro content with an existing song in your library, simply use the "Add files" menu for that song and select the "Chart Pro" tab.
You'll be met with options to select files to import, and then hit "Submit."

Your files are now imported! Running into any specific issues? See the Planning Center Chart Pro Troubleshooting article here.

Team Accessing Chart Pro resources in Planning Center.

Some information below around how team members can access Chart Pro resources in Planning Center Services.

After Chart Pro resources are imported to a particular song, the resources need to be unlocked by someone with a Chart Pro license from The resources can be unlocked by simply opening the file.

  • Opening any particular Chart Pro resource for a song (ex. Lyrics), will unlock ALL Chart Pro resources for that song in Planning Center.

  • Team members DO NOT need Chart Pro licenses to access unlocked Chart Pro resources in Planning Center. Team members DO need Chart Pro licenses in order to open Chart Pro resources that have not been unlocked yet.

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