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Access the entire charts catalog in our ChartBuilder app as well as monthly PDF chart downloads in a single subscription!

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Chart Pro is subscription built to meet all of your worship team's lyric and slide needs for a single monthly/annual price. Access unlimited chart access in ChartBuilder, monthly PDF Chart downloads, and optional monthly ProPresenter Templates. View the product page for more details.

Subscription Overview

Chart Pro is a subscription that be purchased monthly or annually by an organization.

Chart Pro includes:

  • Unlimited ChartBuilder app access to the entire charts catalog for anyone with a ChartBuilder seat.

  • Unlimited exports of PDF Charts 16 song limit / month (200 song limit / year)

  • Planning Center Chord Chart and Lyric Import

  • Unlimited Lyric import in ProPresenter (Requires ProPresenter 7 or higher).

  • 1 ChartBuilder Seat (purchase additional ChartBuilder seats for $1.99/mo per seat)

  • Optional ProPresenter Add-on that includes:

    • ProPresenter 7 Native Template Import

    • Export ProPresenter Templates from website

Monthly Pricing

  • For most up to date pricing see Chart Pro Pricing.

  • 16 song limit per month for PDF Chart unlocks.

    • 1 PDF Chart credit redemption includes unlimited PDF customization and downloads for a single song and is available to export for 12 months from the day the Chart PDF credits are added to the account.

Annual Pricing

  • For most up to date pricing see Chart Pro Pricing.

  • 200 song limit per year for PDF chart unlocks.

    • 1 chart unlock includes unlimited PDF customization and exports for a single song for the entirely of the year billing cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to a chart or ProPresenter template after spending a Chart Pro credit?

A Chart Pro deducts from your maximum allowed chart or Prop Template unlocks, and unlocks unlimited access to that content for 12 months from the day the allotment was added to the account for both monthly and annual subscriptions.

Will I lose access to the charts if my subscription is cancelled or ends?

Access to unlocked PDF charts and ProPresenter Templates is lost if/when the subscription expires after cancellation. If a subscription is cancelled, access to unlock new content, and access to already-unlocked content will remain until the length of the subscription expires.

Can I still purchase Charts or ProPresenter Templates individually?

Yes! Charts can still be purchased for $2/song and ProPresenter Templates for $5 a song whether or not you have a Chart Pro or ProPresenter Add-on subscription. Once purchased, a song's PDF Chart or ProPresenter Template is permanently owned with unlimited downloads.

How many times can I customize and download an unlocked PDF Chart or ProPresenter Template?

For as long as a chart or ProPresenter template is unlocked with a Chart Pro credit, customization and downloads are unlimited. Once a Chart Pro credit unlock expires (12 months after redemption), access to the PDF chart or ProPresenter template is reset and will require spending another credit to unlock again.

Can I purchase JUST the ProPresenter template subscription?

The ProPresenter Add-On is only available as an add-on to the Chart Pro subscription, and requires Chart Pro before purchasing.

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