With a Cloud Pro Basic or higher subscription, you can use your own songs in Playback and ChartBuilder! Learn how to upload your own tracks and charts as a Cloud Song in your organization's Library. Here are several walkthrough videos to help you start.

Note: In order to create a Cloud Song, a user must have a Campus Admin permission or higher.

Uploading Cloud Tracks

Upload Requirements

  • Tracks must have a Sample rate of 44.1kHz.

  • Tracks must be 16 bit (bit depth).

  • Tracks must be only Wav, M4A, or Mp3 file types.

  • Upload can only be a zip folder only containing files meeting the above criteria.

  • You can upload a zip file containing multiple stems.

  • You can upload a single audio file that’s either

    • Stereo audio with no click and guide

    • Stereo audio track with click and/or guide panned left.

  • You can assign part names to stems after you upload. (More info here).

  • We will auto-assign part names that match our part list.

Video Guide

What you will learn from this video:

  • How to export your tracks to work in Playback

  • Adding a new Cloud Song to your Library

  • Uploading a .zip of your audio to MultiTracks.com library

  • Naming your instrument tracks, adding song sections, and more

  • Loading your Cloud Song in Playback

Cloud Charts

What you will learn from this video:

  • How to build your chart for use in ChartBuilder

  • Adding chords and lyrics to song sections with Chord Pro

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