1. Signup for a free trial of RehearsalMix

2. Go to "Connected Accounts" in your MultiTracks.com account (Account > Organization Name > Connected Accounts). Planning Center will be listed at the top. Hit the "Connect" button. (This requires the Multitrack user to be an Organization Admin, AND requires the Planning Center account to be an Organization Admin.)

3. Import your team manually or click "Import All"

4. Now your Planning Center People have been successfully imported.

5. On the People Page, expand each individual profile that you want to have RehearsalMix, and assign the RehearsalMix seat. The setup is now completed.

6. Go to Planning Center. Then go to the Songs tab and choose any song.

7. Hit "+" Next to "Files". This will bring up the Files Popup.

8. In the left sidebar select the RehearsalMix tab.

9. Pick the version of the song you want to import to this song.

10. Choose the file of the instrument you want to have louder in the mix.

If you need more help troubleshooting connecting your MultiTracks.com and Planning Center accounts, visit the Troubleshooting Planning Center Integration Article

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