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Troubleshooting Planning Center Services Connection Errors
Troubleshooting Planning Center Services Connection Errors

How to diagnose and troubleshoot common Planning Center Connection issues you may encounter

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Planning Center Admin Error Message

You may encounter the error message that you need to be an Organization Admin for the Planning Center account. If you encounter this message, please head to your Planning Center Online account, and make sure your name is listed under “Organization Admins” like in this example screenshot below.

Once you are listed as a Planning Center Organization Administrator, you can attempt the connection link again from the Connected Accounts page on here:

An account is already connected error

If you encounter this error message, it means a organization is already connected to that same Planning Center Organization. Only a single Organization can be linked with a Planning Center Organization.

To resolve:

The owner of the linked PCO account can remove the Planning Center link, or you can reach out to our support team using the chat below and provide the Organization numbers listed on the error message.

Other Possible Errors

Individual user can’t play RehearsalMix files in Planning Center.

If a user under your organization is unable to listen to RehearsalMix files, first make sure they are linked to a Planning Center user, and have a RehearsalMix seat assigned. You can check this by making sure their user on the People Page of your account has both a check for “RehearsalMix,” and shows the option to “remove Planning Center Link.”

With the following info confirmed, there may simply be a cacheing issue within Planning Center services. Please have your team member log out and log back in, or delete the Planning Center Services app and re-install and this should resolve their issue. If any errors persist, reach out to our support team using the chat widget on our website at or below. ↘️

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