ChartBuilder is a dynamic Charts and rehearsal app for learning worship music faster than ever. Available for iOS and Android, ChartBuilder is the best tool available for equipping musicians on your team to make the most out of their practice time.

ChartBuilder is free to download on the iOS and Android App Stores. The latest version of ChartBuilder is available to iOS devices on iOS 10 or later.

Here are direct store download links for each app store:

User Requirements

Access to the Chart catalog in ChartBuilder can be given to any user through an organization via or purchased by individuals directly through the app store.

Access Through an Organization:

  • Content Subscription: For an organization to give any users access to the Chart catalog in ChartBuilder, that organization first needs to purchase the Content Subscription. The Content Sub covers unlimited access to Chart content in ChartBuilder for anyone in the organization and includes 1 App Seat.

    • Keep in mind: purchased PDF Charts can be accessed in ChartBuilder without the Content subscription.

  • App Seats: For an organization with the content subscription to grant multiple team members access to Chart content in ChartBuilder, each team member needs an App Subscription Seat ($1.99/seat). An App Seat grants the team member unlimited access to the Chart catalog directly in ChartBuilder.

Access for Individuals:

  • The Solo Practice Bundle is a single subscription built to equip any musician with a set of tools to enhance personal practice time. It unlocks access to dynamic Charts and RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder for a single user.

  • The Solo Practice Bundle is available directly in-app through the App Store and on and costs $5.99/month.

  • It includes unlimited access to Charts and RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder.

  • RehearsalMix includes audio access to individual instrument parts directly in ChartBuilder.

Note: A user can purchase the Solo Practice Bundle for their own rehearsal needs in their Organization. If a user logs into another organization to access setlists, they will need an App Seat granted by an organization admin.

Assign App Seats to Your Team Members

First, you will need to add team members to your organization. Here are two ways to add People:

Once you've added your team, you can now assign Seats to all users needing access to ChartBuilder. Seats can be changed and moved freely week to week and even day to day. Organization Admins can opt to purchase only the needed Seats, or purchase Seats for your entire team so everyone has access all the time.

Now that your team members have been assigned access to ChartBuilder, they can sign into the app with their login information. (In order for your organization to access the Charts, you'll also need to own the pdf Chart for the song from, OR have an active ChartBuilder Content Subscription.)

Sharing Setlists with Your Team

There are two ways you and your team leaders can share the setlist with your team:

  1. Using the ChartBuilder app

  2. On the website

Note: Only Organization Admins and Campus Admins will be able to see all setlists, regardless of being assigned to them. Team Members and Team Leaders will only see setlists they've been assigned to.

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