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Artist Original Tracks

These are backing tracks that can be used to fill out missing elements in any live or live-streamed worship service. Choose what you need from our diverse Tracks offering to fit your band and budget.
Any Tracks product you purchase can be upgraded for only the difference in cost.

Here's an overview of every Track product, price and features.

  • Accompaniment Tracks ($8 or 8 Credits per track): Original recording backing tracks that come in three pre-determined keys. Each key include two tracks: one with background vocals and one without.

  • CustomMix Tracks ($12 or 12 Credits per track): Pre-mix a stereo backing track for use in playback.

  • AppTracks ($29 or 29 credits per track): Available exclusively in Playback; allows independent mixing control of every instrument track as well as click track and guide cues.

  • MultiTracks ($35 M4A or $39 WAV per song): Full MultiTrack purchase that gives you the same flexibility of AppTracks, but can be downloaded on a computer and used in other DAWs.

  • Playback Rentals (Monthly Subscription) - Rent any AppTrack from our song catalog directly in Playback, starting at 16 songs/month.



Run Tracks Live with confidence using our iOS app Playback, available for free download from the App Store for iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 or later. Search for “Playback” on the App Store or click this link to visit the app directly.

When you log into Playback using your account email, every Track purchase you have made on is instantly available in Playback for free.

While Playback is free to use, there are available Playback subscriptions that unlock more powerful features:

  • Pro Subscription ($3.99/month per seat): Unlock MIDI control of Playback, song arrangement editing, Loop/Infinite Loop song sections, and more.

  • Premium Subscription ($5.99/month per seat): Every feature of Pro + multiple audio outputs with an audio interface, Live song section ReOrder during performance, MIDI Cue Editing in Playback, and the Pad Player interface + Song Section Pre-Roll (coming soon).

  • Playback Team Sharing ($1.99/month per seat): Give team members access to your organization's purchased tracks and Cloud Songs directly in Playback.



ChartBuilder is a powerful charts app available on Apple and Android devices. View accurate and dependable charts, and rehearse with tracks using the integrated RehearsalMix player. Customize charts using filters like Key, Capo, Numbers, Numerals, Layout, Song Map, MD Notes, and more.

Access to the chart catalog in ChartBuilder can be given to any user through an organization or purchased by individuals directly through the app store.

Organization Access:

  1. Content Subscription ($9.99/mo per organization): For an organization to give any users access to available charts in ChartBuilder, that organization first needs to purchase the Content Subscription. The Content Subscription provides unlimited access to chart content in ChartBuilder for anyone in the organization with an App subscription. (Note: Purchasing a Content Subscription grants the organization one free App Subscription).

  2. App Subscription ($1.99/mo per seat): For an organization with the content subscription to grant team members access to chart content in ChartBuilder, each team member needs to be given an app subscription seat, granting the team member unlimited access to the chart catalog directly in Chartbuilder.

Individual Access (Solo Practice Bundle):

The Solo Practice Bundle is a single subscription built to equip any musician with a set of tools to enhance personal practice time. It unlocks unlimited access to dynamic charts and RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder for a single user. This means that a musician can hear their instrument part highlighted in the mix of any song - while referencing the chart.

  • The Solo Practice Bundle is available directly in-app through the App Store and costs $5.99/month

  • It includes unlimited access to charts and RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder

  • RehearsalMix includes audio access to individual instrument parts directly in ChartBuilder

Note: A user can purchase the Solo Practice Bundle on for their own rehearsal needs in their Organization.



Rehearse your part and practice with a full band even at home.

RehearsalMix is the best way for you and your team to prepare for any worship service. Your team can listen to their exact part in every key, and practice to the tracks without their part using the "Up Mix" and "Minus Mix" features in our entire catalog of tracks.

Available in three convenient places:

  1. On our website RehearsalMix Player

  2. In our ChartBuilder App (regardless of having a ChartBuilder Subscription or not)

  3. In Planning Center Services for your scheduled team to view

Cloud Pro

A Cloud Pro subscription is the music director's ultimate toolkit to plan creative services, stay organized, and lead teams well. Choose between a variety of tiers to unlock the features you need to help your team, while saving time preparing for service. A Cloud Pro subscription unlocks multiple features and resources for your entire organization.

  • Store your own tracks, charts, and MIDI automation in the ecosystem for use in Playback and ChartBuilder

  • Save song arrangements in Playback and sync ecosystem-wide setlists with your team

  • Access growing catalogs of production MIDI Cues, ambient pads, and Click & Guide songs in Playback

  • Playback Premium and Team Sharing seats are included in select tiers


More Products, Subscriptions, and Extras

  • ProPresenter Templates are accurate ProPresenter templates with lyrics and chords that match the tracks/charts in our catalog. Control these templates with Midi Out to make sure the right lyrics are always displayed at the right time.
    ProPresenter Templates are available to purchase per song individually for $5/5 credits per song.

  • Sounds Products are collections of intricately designed sounds such as artist original patches, Kemper profiles, song-specific patches, and more for your musicians to take their sound to the next level.

  • Credits are website currency that are used to purchase any content on Learn More about credit bundles.

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