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Frequently Asked Questions about the Church Streaming License

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NEW: The Church Streaming License is now available in Canada!
Now covering organizations in the U.S. and Canada. More regions coming in the


The Church Streaming License can be purchased individually, OR is included in the MultiTracks One Bundle

What if I'm not live streaming?

The Church Streaming License is a bundled lyric and streaming license. If your specific organization is not live streaming using track products, you can consider the Church Lyric License, which is the lyric-only licensing separated from the Church Streaming License bundle of licenses. LEARN MORE.

How do I report my song usage?

Church Streaming License reporting is built on your setlist usage. When you build a setlist on, in Playback, or in ChartBuilder, the songs will be reported based on setlist date. (More Info)

Why does accurate reporting matter?

Accurate reporting supports the original artists and songwriters by ensuring they're given full credit for the use of their works. Auto-reporting your setlists is the most accurate way to report which songs were played when, in real time.

We made last-minute changes to our setlist and added a song. How do I make sure it’s reported?

To ensure accurate reporting, Setlist changes are locked two weeks after the scheduled service time. If you need to make changes after your service, you can update past Setlists in the two week period after its' scheduled date.

How do I report a song not included in the catalog?

A process for reporting song usage outside our catalog is provided through the Setlist tool and the user of cloud songs (see Linking cloud songs for auto reporting). If we're missing a song missing, Please request the song so we can seek any songs not currently covered by the Church Streaming License.

I’m currently reporting elsewhere. Does that mean I cannot switch to the Church Streaming License?

You can start using the Church Streaming License today to take advantage of auto-reporting for a vast majority of artists!

What if I’m based outside of the U.S. or Canada?

The Church Streaming license is currently only applicable for organizations based in the U.S. and/or Canada. We’re actively working on expanding to other countries and are excited to announce those expansions soon!

Do I need to display any licensing or publishing information on my live streams or in my lyric projection software?

No. The Church Streaming License does not require licensing or publishing information to be displayed either for in-person or live-streamed events. We do encourage you to display the song title and writer information in a summary slide at the end of your worship service for those in your congregation who might like to know the song information, but displaying the MTID on your presentation slides during your worship service is not required.

How does Pricing Work?

The Church Streaming License can be purchased annual or monthly, based on preference, and is calculated by congregation size. For current pricing see the pricing page:

What’s covered in the license?

Refer to the product page for everything that’s included in the license. The short answer is: the Church Streaming License grants multiple licenses, simplified into one licensing subscription. The license covers storing and printing lyrics, projection of digitally stored lyrics, distributing arrangements & translations when an official version is not available, live streaming your service on digital platform, streaming original MultiTracks, coverage for all tracks products from, and more! Explore all coverage details in our Church Streaming License Terms & Conditions.

What does Church Streaming License “Attendance” refer to?

“Attendance” within the Church Streaming License's terms and tiers refers to an organization's average weekly attendance across all in person services and campuses.

Does the Church Streaming License cover me to use products as background music on youtube videos?

No. track products (multitracks, AppTracks, CustomMixes, and Accompaniment Tracks) are only licensed for use as backing tracks in live worship services. Any other use of track products would be strictly in violation of Terms of Use.

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