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Linking a Cloud Song for Auto Copyright Reporting
Linking a Cloud Song for Auto Copyright Reporting

Linking cloud songs to songs from the publishing catalogue for copyright reporting with the Church Streaming License.

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When a cloud song is created, an option is presented to link the cloud song to a song in the publishing catalogue from

Linking the cloud song to the correct song from the database, will ensure your lyric and copyright usage is properly auto-reported through the Church Streaming License's included copyright license from

Is it important to link all of my cloud songs?

For the most accurate reporting to artists, publishers, and labels, requires any song that a ministry does, to be present in a setlist on There are many ways to automate this process (See Setting up Auto Reporting), and cloud songs are one of the avenues for accurate auto-reporting. Cloud Songs allow a ministry to have placeholder songs in setlists, to still properly report copyright and lyric use, even for songs we don't yet have masters for on

What if I don't see the song listed when trying to link?

If a song is missing that you're trying to link, please contact our support team using the website messenger, or request the song using our Request A Song form so our team can get the song added to the database! The catalogue is growing every week so requesting the song will help our team prioritize the songs you need!

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