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Welcome to Cloud Pro!
Welcome to Cloud Pro!

You just purchased Cloud Pro, and want to get the most out of your subscription!

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If you've just purchased Cloud Pro from, you've come to the right place! If looking for more information on Cloud Pro, see Intro to Cloud Pro. Below you'll find details on how to get the most out of your new subscription!

Cloud Songs!

No matter which tier of Cloud Pro you've purchased, you'll now have access to Cloud Songs in the Cloud Songs are a way you can create or upload content for songs you already have content for, including your own original songs, or songs that haven't yet made it into our growing catalogue. With cloud songs you can:

  • Create Chord Pro Charts for the ChartBuilder app (More Info)

  • Upload PDF Charts for use in the ChartBuilder app (More Info)

  • Upload audio files or full sets of stems to use in the Playback app (More info)

  • and even sync it all together with Playback sync! (More Info)

With cloud songs, your own content can be seamlessly integrated with the content available on!

Playback Enhancements (Cloud Pro INTRO)

If you've recently purchase Cloud Pro INTRO or higher, you'll also benefit from some amazing time-saving features. Including:

  • Storing MIDI cues to the cloud for future recall in Playback.

  • Storing Named Custom Arrangements from Playback for future recall in Playback!

    Custom Named Arrangements will store data such as:

    • Fader Positions

    • Song Section Arrangements (Sequence)

    • Stems Included and excluded

    • Key and more!

For more information see:

Other Goodies

Cloud Pro Intro and higher tiers also include:

  • Playback Team Sharing: Cloud Pro Intro and higher tiers also include Playback Team Sharing seats. These are bonus limited licenses for Playback that a majority of organizations might not utilize. If your organization purchases or uploads all of its' content for Playback, Team Sharing licenses are the license to share that Playback content with additional users (Other Music Directors or Worship Leaders)

  • Removal of Download Expirations: For customers downloading audio content from the website, Cloud Pro INTRO and higher tiers also includes the removal of download expirations.

  • CustomMix in all 12 keys: Transpose a CustomMix purchase from the key it was purchased in, to any or all 12 keys.

More Playback Add-Ons!
(Cloud Pro Standard, Plus, and Premium)

Playback Feature Subscriptions Bundled: If jumping into the higher tiers of Cloud Pro, you'll now get a bundled Playback Feature Subscription (1 Playback Pro seat in Standard, 1 Playback Premium seat in Plus, and 5 Playback Premium seats in Premium). For more info see: Playback Subscriptions Explained

Note: These subscriptions pair well with the full AppTrack content from the catalogue that can be accessed through Playback Rentals, or purchased individually. (More info)

Cloud Pro Plus and Premium

In addition to all of the above, Cloud Pro Plus and Premium subscriptions include some other amazing features for the Playback app including:

  • Song Pads in Playback (Learn More)
    Curated pads for Pad Player that match the tones from the original album(

  • Song Specific Patch MIDI Cues (Learn More)
    To automate and sync MainStage or Ableton SSP's with Playback.

  • ProPresenter Template MIDI Cues (Learn More)
    To automate ProPresenter Templates with Playback.

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