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Adding Infinite Click Song-Sections Within a Song in Playback
Adding Infinite Click Song-Sections Within a Song in Playback

Information and steps on how to add an infinite click section into a song in Playback.

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With the introduction of Playback 7.7.0, Playback users can now add an infinite click song section at any point in a song. Whether at the beginning, end, or any point in the middle, adding a click section can help in scenarios when you want to plan spontaneous moments or space in your setlists!

Before getting started

Adding an infinite click section into Playback will require a user has a paid Playback Premium subscription active for their account on their organization.

Adding a Click Section in Playback

Adding a click section into an existing song is very simple. First head into the main setlist edit mode by tapping the “Edit” button toward the top-right of the Playback app.

Then, select the song you want, and in the waveform section for the song, use the “+” button to open the song section menu, and select the “Click Section” from the list of song sections to add the click section after the existing song section in your selected song.

Note: your click song section will have a pre-set infinite loop by default, and you can disable by tapping the infinite loop icon on the song section.

Changing to 2 bar or 4 bar click sections

The click section in your song can be either a 2 bar, or 4 bar section, depending on your preference. You can change this on a per-song basis at the very bottom of the song’s edit menu. Simply tap “Edit” in Playback’s top-right corner, and then tap on the middle of the song needing the change. Scroll to the bottom of the edit menu and select the click section length from there. Finally, click “Update” to commit and update the change for that song.


Some troubleshooting steps for some common confusion points or issues:

  • If not able to add an infinite click section or not seeing it as an option. Please check and make sure:

    • The “Click Sound” setting in Playback (Settings > General Tab > Click Sound) is set to one of Playback’s built-in clicks. Infinite requires using one of Playback’s built in click sounds.

    • You’re using a track product that has a click enabled. (Infinite click is not supported on track products that do not include a click track, including Accompaniment tracks, or single-track cloud songs).

If running into any other issues around your infinite click sections, you can message our team directly using the blue messenger in the bottom right of this page. ↘️

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