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Annual Subscriptions | Frequently Asked Questions
Annual Subscriptions | Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about annual vs. monthly subscriptions.

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Introduction now offers software and content subscriptions at either a Monthly or Annual price, depending on your team's budget and needs. Here are some of the most common answers to questions about switching from Monthly to Annual subscriptions.

Why switch to Annual?

  • Better for your budget: Annual subscriptions come with 2 months savings, a built-in 16.7% discount over paying monthly.

  • Year-round peace of mind: Pay once for a full year of the resources you need. No more monthly budgeting decisions.

Can my organization have both monthly and annual subscriptions?

Yes! An organization on can subscribe to subscriptions as both annual and monthly simultaneously. For example, a Playback Premium seat could be subscribed to on a monthly basis while Cloud Pro is paid for once a year.

Can I cancel my Annual subscription and get my money back?

Purchasing an Annual subscription, similar to a Monthly subscription, is a final decision and is non-refundable. Canceling an Annual subscription will take effect at the end of the 12 months already purchased.

How to I upgrade my Monthly subscriptions to Annual?

Head to, where your organization's current Monthly subscriptions can be managed. See every active subscription and the Monthly Renewal Date displayed, as well as which subscriptions are Monthly and Annual.

  1. Click Manage Subscriptions to make changes to your active subscriptions.

  2. Use the "Monthly/Annual" toggle at the top to switch to Annual. The page will then reflect the "Pay Now" price, which takes the current billing cycle's prorated amount into consideration. Tapping Update will confirm purchase and be reflected in your receipt.

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