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How can I share my Organization's purchased Tracks content with my team?
How can I share my Organization's purchased Tracks content with my team?
Learn how to use Team Sharing seats to share your Organization's purchased content with members of your worship team in Playback.
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Playback Team Sharing is a single-user subscription that gives permission to members of your team to access purchased content in Playback*. This includes Tracks products and Ambient Pads, as well as any original tracks uploaded via MultiTracks Cloud Pro.
*Playback for Mac also requires a Playback Premium subscription to access.

If you're looking for the best way for your team to rehearse to the tracks you own or are renting, look no further than our RehearsalMix subscription. You can learn more about that here.

Team Sharing subscription seats can be purchased individually on the Pricing Page, or as included items in a tier of our Cloud Pro subscription and assigned to individual members in your Organization.

Tracks content that team members can access in Playback with Team Sharing includes:

  • MultiTracks WAV/MP3

  • App Tracks

  • CustomMixes

  • Accompaniment Tracks

  • Purchased Ambient Pads

  • Cloud Songs (Cloud Pro subscription required)

Team Sharing does not include sharing Playback Rentals, which is licensed only for use on a single device. Team Sharing also does not include a license to share directly downloaded content.

To learn how to manage Team Sharing seats and other subscriptions with team members, click here.

To discover solutions for sharing your Organization's content with multiple campuses, click here.

Most Cloud Pro subscription tiers include Team Sharing seats. Learn more about Cloud Pro.

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