Getting Started with Soundbeds

Getting Started with Soundbeds

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I’ve put soundbeds these together to provide churches with more options to add the right atmosphere to messages and moments, even with a very small or inexperienced team – or during exceptional circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

All these performances are prayerful improvisations – and my prayer is these would bless whoever uses them or listens to them!

Besides being able to serve as bedding music, these soundbeds can also be useful for reflection or devotional time, or as a bed under visual content and spoken word.

In my church, LIFE Church UK, these files were used underneath MC and response moments – but they have also proved helpful for our media team - who were able to pick music that would already end (or start) in the right key for worship moments.

By purchasing these soundbeds you are purchasing the right to use them royalty free!

When you download the Soundbeds archives you will see three main folders:

Full Mix: singles files in all 12 keys, ready to use wherever suited
MIDI: the original midi of the piano part (which also triggered the pad) , in case you wanted to edit a section, amend the tempo, or change the instrumentation
WAV Stem Folders: exports of the individual sounds in all 12 keys – so you can adjust the mix of elements to your liking.

Each stem key will have four main layers

Piano: the piano performance
Top layer: a subtle verby octaved layer to add width
Pads: following the piano performance, but adding a bit of glue and thickness
Shimmer: a more constant atmospheric layer to add movement.

You will also notice a folder called ‘Atmosphere (optional)’ – this is a non-tonal layer with very subtle nature soundcapes. In the right context (e.g. reflection music) these may add to the experience – but in other settings they might be distracting.

Tips & Tricks

A few ideas to make the most of these soundbeds.

Combining all multiple purchased soundbeds in the same key will form a 45+ minute devotional playlist.

Use the shimmer files from the stems folder for your own compositions!
The Atmosphere files in each of the different soundbeds are interchangeable (although in slightly different lengths) - you could even combine more than one file in a session.

I hope these soundbeds will be a huge blessing to you, wherever you end up using them! I pray that they will not just be a handy tool – but that they would shift atmospheres in a spiritual realm too!

Thanks for purchasing!

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