Thank you for purchasing Red Planet - Pads, Arps & Patches.

Red Planet is a stunning collection of sounds for Nord Stage 3. The Nord Stage is ubiquitous with worship music, found on the stages in thousands of churches, conferences and festivals around the world. These sounds release the full potential of this incredible red keyboard. From shimmering pads, delicate and evocative arps, to full ready for the stage patches, you’ll have everything you need to create the right sounds and atmosphere for your worship set and beyond.

The beauty of this bundle is that every sound can be easily layered or changed, meaning almost unlimited combinations of sounds can be sculpted and created.


14 unique pad sounds, taking full use of the sample engine, FX and powerful synthesis
5 unique pluck sounds, covering anything from subtle background arps to huge EDM leads
5 arp patches, to sit in the mix or sit right on top
5 pulse patches, to create excitement, atmosphere and movement
4 multi-patches featuring Piano, Pad and Arp, utilising both layers to create movement and playability


  • Connect your Nord Stage 3 via USB to your computer

  • Open the Nord Sound Manager

  • Select the sample library tab

  • Drag all 14 .nsmp3 files into the window, loading these into your Nord

  • Select the program tab

  • Drag all 33 .ns3f into the window, loading these into your Nord


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